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How to Display Diecast Cars: A Collector's Guide

Tomas Sedurskas September 11, 2023 5 min read

Diecast car shadow box display case

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If you’re a diecast car collector, you probably take great pride in your collection and want to display it in a way that does justice to your passion. One of the most creative and space-efficient ways to showcase your diecast cars is by displaying them on a wall. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to create a stunning diecast car wall display for your Hot Wheels, Matchbox or Greenlight models.

Step 1: Gather Your Diecast Cars

Before you begin, ensure that you have a clear idea of which cars you want to display. You may choose to showcase a specific theme, brand, or era. Whether it’s classic muscle cars, vintage European automobiles, or a mix of various models, make sure you have your collection ready to go.

Step 2: Plan Your Display

A well-planned display can make all the difference. Take some time to decide on the layout and arrangement of your diecast cars on the wall. Consider the following factors:

  • Carded or Loose: If you left your cars in the packaging, you will need bigger or different display solutions.

  • Scale: Figure out what scale are your models. Most likely it will be somewhere in the range from 1:64 to 1:18. Depending on the scale, different display cases may be required.

  • Theme: Decide if you want to organize your collection by theme, such as by manufacturer, type of vehicle (sports cars, trucks, etc.), or even by color.

  • Arrangement: Will you go for a neat and orderly grid, a cascading waterfall effect, or a creative pattern that tells a story? Sketch out your ideas on paper or use a digital design tool to visualize the arrangement.

  • Spacing: Determine the distance between each car to ensure they are evenly spaced. Consider using measuring tape or a level to achieve precise alignment.

  • Lighting: Direct sunshine can be a big problem to your car models. Light will washout the colors and it can start breaking apart the plastics and rubber. Limit the exposure to direct sun light as much as possible.

Step 3: Choose the Right Display Shelves

Selecting the right shelves is crucial for your diecast car wall display. If you are planning on displaying you models unpacked, then consider these options:

  • Floating Acrylic Cases: These sleek, wall-mounted shelves give the illusion that your cars are floating. They come in various sizes and styles, allowing for a clean and modern display.

  • Shadow Boxes: Shadow boxes are enclosed, glass-fronted cases that can be mounted on the wall. They provide protection from dust and a backdrop that can enhance the cars’ appearance.

  • Custom-Made Shelves: If you have a specific vision for your display, consider custom-made shelves that can be tailored to your collection’s unique dimensions and theme.

  • Mirror cases: If you want to make your collection look bigger than it actually is then a mirror case is what you are looking for. The reflection makes your collection appear double in size.

If you have carded Hot Wheels or Packed Matchbox models, you might need to think if displaying your cars is a good idea. If this is just a hobby or a design choice, then go ahead. Have fun with you collection! But if these diecast cars are an investment, then you might want to consider storage rather than a display. If you want to know if your current collection holds any value, you can find values in this Hot Wheels Price Guide.

For example the price can differ by 100$ based on condition, see the market of Elite 64 - Mercedes-Benz 300 SL or explore the whole Hot Wheels Elite 64 Series

Packaging that has lost it’s color will sell for much less. To keep your collection in mint condition encasing your models in plastic protectors is a must:

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Step 4: Prepare Your Diecast Cars

Before attaching your cars to the wall, it’s essential to clean them and check for any damage. Dust and fingerprints can dull the appearance of your collection, so gently wipe each car with a soft microfiber cloth. Ensure that any loose parts or broken pieces are repaired before display.

Step 5: Attach Your Diecast Cars

Depending on your chosen display method, there are different ways to attach your diecast cars to the wall:

  • Adhesive Putty: Adhesive putty or museum putty can be used to secure the cars to the shelves or directly to the wall. It’s a non-permanent solution that allows for easy repositioning.

  • Hooks and Brackets: Some display shelves come with hooks or brackets specifically designed for diecast cars. They provide a secure and aesthetic way to hang your collection.

  • Custom Display Rails: For a unique touch, consider custom display rails or tracks that can hold your cars securely in place.

Step 6: Arrange and Admire Your Collection

Die-cast custom hot wheels collection close-up shot of a volkswagen minibus.
Photo by: Angga Prasetya

Now comes the fun part – arranging your diecast cars on the wall! Follow your planned layout, ensuring that each car is securely attached. Step back and admire your collection as it comes to life on your wall.

Step 7: Lighting and Final Touches

To enhance your display, consider adding some lighting. Small LED strip lights can be placed on the shelves or behind the cars to create a dramatic effect, especially in low-light conditions. Additionally, you can add background artwork or decals that complement your collection’s theme.

And for your prized collection items name plates are something to consider. Make those special or highly valued models standout with themed name plates.

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Displaying your diecast car collection on a wall is not only a creative way to showcase your passion but also a space-saving solution for collectors with limited shelf or cabinet space. By carefully planning your display, selecting the right shelves, and paying attention to details, you can transform your diecast cars into a stunning wall-mounted exhibit that reflects your love for these miniature automotive gems. So, roll up your sleeves, get your diecast cars ready, and start building your dream wall display today!