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Corner Desks vs L-Shaped Desks: Choosing the Right Desk for Your Needs

Tomas Sedurskas June 12, 2023 3 min read

Classic rustic triangle shaped black and brown wooden corner desk.

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When it comes to setting up a productive and functional workspace, selecting the right desk is crucial.

Two popular options that offer ample workspace and efficiency are corner desks and L-shaped desks. Both types have their unique advantages and are suitable for different use cases.

In this article, we will compare corner desks and L-shaped desks, explore their benefits, and help you determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

Comparing Corner Desks and L-Shaped Desks

Let’s start by examining the key differences between corner desks and L-shaped desks:

Corner DeskL-Shaped Desk
ShapeDesigned to fit in the corner of a room or workspaceForms an L shape, offering more surface area
WorkspaceOffers a single, continuous surfaceProvides two separate work areas
FlexibilityLimited flexibility in terms of positioningCan be placed in the corner or as a standalone unit
AccessibilityUsually provides easy access to everything on the deskMay require some movement between different sections
Space UsageEfficiently utilizes corner spaceRequires more floor space for the L-shaped section
Storage OptionsLimited built-in storage optionsAdditional storage options with separate work areas
Room for Dual MonitorsMay have limited space for dual monitorsCan accommodate dual monitors on separate work areas
Collaborative WorkNot designed for collaborative workOffers dedicated spaces for collaboration or meetings
AestheticsFits well in compact spaces, minimalist designOffers a more substantial and professional-looking design
PriceGenerally more affordable due to smaller sizeMay be more expensive due to larger size and added features
Use CasesSmall offices, bedrooms, organized workstationsHome offices, multiple work zones, gaming and entertainment
Who Benefits?Individuals with limited space, solo workersThose needing extra workspace, collaborative work, gamers

Use Cases and Benefits

Corner Desks

Corner desks are ideal for individuals who have limited space or want to maximize the available room efficiently. Here are some situations where a corner desk shines:

  1. Small Offices or Bedrooms: Corner desks can fit snugly in tight spaces, making them perfect for small offices or bedrooms. They allow you to utilize the often underutilized corner areas and create a dedicated work zone without occupying excessive floor space.

  2. Organized Workstations: If you prefer a minimalist and clutter-free workspace, a corner desk is an excellent choice. With a single continuous surface, you have ample room for your computer, paperwork, and other essentials, while keeping everything within easy reach.

  3. Solo Work Environments: Corner desks are great for individuals who work alone or don’t require a separate area for meetings or collaborative tasks. They provide a dedicated space for focused work and are well-suited for tasks that require deep concentration.

L-Shaped Desks

L-shaped desks offer increased surface area and versatility, making them suitable for various use cases. Consider the following scenarios where an L-shaped desk excels:

  1. Multiple Work Zones: If you need separate areas for different tasks or frequently collaborate with others, an L-shaped desk can provide the required workspace. You can use one side for your primary work and dedicate the other side for meetings, brainstorming, or setting up additional equipment.

  2. Home Offices: L-shaped desks are popular choices for home offices, where you may want to create a professional and inviting space. With their elegant design and ample room for multiple monitors or equipment, L-shaped desks enhance productivity and comfort in a home-based work environment.

  3. Gaming and Entertainment: Gamers or those who enjoy a multimedia setup will benefit from the additional space provided by L-shaped desks. You can have your gaming rig or entertainment system on one side, while reserving the other for general work or study purposes.


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Choosing between a corner desk and an L-shaped desk ultimately depends on your specific requirements, available space, and work style. If you have limited space, value organization, and work independently, a corner desk will serve you well. On the other hand, if you need more workspace, frequently collaborate, or want a versatile setup, an L-shaped desk is the way to go.

Remember to consider the physical dimensions and layout of your workspace